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Dear Customer,


In the recent years, the water well drilling industry has made improvements in technology and in water quality products. We want to provide our customer with the best professionalism, experience, performance, and product. We want to provide what my competitors provide plus the best premium water well systems. It goes back to the age old question (how much will it cost, why is your competitor cheaper, what is the difference?)


There is a difference and it depends on what type of quality you are looking for. We hope some of this information is helpful in what Joe Curry Well Drilling Inc. provides. New water wells normally takes two days to complete, unless unforeseen conditions arise.

I am certified and highly recommended through the National Groundwater Association and Michigan Groundwater Association, member of the Huron Valley Chamber of Commerce, and the Better Business Bureau. I am registered, insured and bonded (Lic#2147).

I perform and oversee all work on the jobsite. I provide three water well quotes, so you, the customer can choose the one that works best for your situation. First the economy well, next the premium well, then the premium plus water well system which is the same as the premium, but provides constant water pressure system with a grunfos pumping system.


Here are some differences between the economy and premium well. The premium well casing has molded couplings, a stainless steel screen that lasts longer, is more repairable, and less likely to produce sand in the future. We use a premium gravel pack that is more consistent, gives better development and performance, and is less likely to allow sand in the future. The premium grout that is used provides a stronger barrier against contamination now and in the future. We use brass fittings on the 32gal. tank assembly that lasts longer and less likely to corrode and erode like galvanized or burst and crack like P.V.C. fittings. We also file, pay and obtain the well permit an am responsible for water sampling and testing.


Joe Curry Well Drilling Inc. provides a three year warranty on the well, workmanship, and labor. A three year warranty on the pump and a five year warranty on the tank.


The economy well is more suited for the builder/contractor. We use plain-end casing, standard gravel pack, grout, and a P.V.C. screen. We use cost friendly parts on the hookup and a 20 gal. tank with P.V.C. fittings. The homeowner is responsible for permits, water testing and results.


Joe Curry Well Drilling Inc. provides a one year warranty on the well, workmanship, and labor. A one year warranty on the pump and a five year warranty on the tank.


If you are interested in the premium-plus well (constant water pressure) please call to discuss pricing and we can answer any other questions you might have.


Joe Curry Well Drilling Inc.

Well Terms and Definitions


In the well drilling industry many terms are used that may be confusing to consumers. We at Joe Curry have compiled a list with the most common terms and their definitions.



- A well which is no longer used, a well which is in such disrepair that its continued use for the purpose of obtaining groundwater is impractical, a well which is a threat to groundwater resources, a well which is or may be a health or safety hazard.



- Space between the casing and the sides of the borehole.



- An underground layer of rock, sand, or gravel that contains groundwater in quantity to supply a well.



- A collective and continuous geologic material such as limestone, dolomoite, shale, sandstone, basalt, or granite.



- A circular hole drilled into the ground for the purpose of constructing a well to remove groundwater.



- Steel or plastic pipe installed while drilling a well to prevent collapse of the well borehole and entrance of contaminants and to allow placement of a pump or pumping equipment.



- A biological, chemical, physical, or radiological component in water that is or may become injurious to the public health, safety or welfare.



- Constructed by a combination of jetting and driving. Drilled wells are commonly 4 inches in diameter but older wells may be 2 inches in diameter.



- Wells constructed by driving assembled lengths of pipe into the ground with percussion equipment or by hand. These wells are usually smaller in diameter (2 inches or less ), less than 50 feet deep, and can be installed in areas of relatively loose soils such as sand.



- An open borehole or cased borehole that does not produce water in sufficient quality for the intended use.



- Large diameter wells often constructed by hand.



- Subsurface water in a zone of saturation.



- Placement of cement or bentonite (special clay material) to seal the space between the outside of the well casing and the borehole or to seal an abandoned well.



- A device which provides access to the well and to the parts of the water supply system within the well allowing the well to stay free of contaminants.



- Water which is free of harmful contaminants and is safe for human consumption.



- A closed water and air storage container that has an effect on the water supply system pressure within a selected range.



- Water that rests or flows on the surface of the ground.



- If a contaminated aquifer is found, water treatment devices are commonly used to reduce the contaminants in drinking water.



(seal) - A device used to cover the top of well casing pipe to prevent the entrance of contaminants.



(water well record) - A record of the information about a specific well. One copy each shall be filed with the Oakland County Health Division; the State of Michigan, Department of Environmental Quality; the well owner; and he well contractor.



- A filtering device at the bottom of the casing in a sand or gravel aquifer used to keep sediment from entering the well.

We specialize in:

  • Lightning / Storm Damage

  • Insurance Claims

  • Free estimates on New & Replacement wells

  • Same day service, in most cases

  • Jet Pump Sales & Service

  • Water Testing & Chlorination’s

  • Water Storage Tanks

  • Wells Sealed & Abandoned

  • Pump and Well Inspections

  • Down Hole Camera Inspections

  • Cement Grout Wells

We also specialize in:

  • 2", 4", & 5" Wells

  • P.V.C. Non Corrosive & Steel Wells Drilled & Repaired

  • 2" Stainless Steel Screen & Point Replacement

  • Special Attention Given to All Submersible Pumps

Welcome to Joe Curry, Well Drilling Inc. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and satisfaction!